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Fine. That’s what I said when I first met him in at the supermarket  in the hygiene isle in Penang Malaysia. It was about to be that time of the month but he caught me as I was searching the area for the right fit of hygiene products. Fine. Tall with a smile brighter than the damn sun! Chile!

Handsome and chocolate. Just like I like. Hmm. Yum. With  sanitary products in hand, I gave him my email. He hit me up. He took me out. I was taken in because he was spiritual and wise. And interestingly enough we had a lot in common. He seemed to be focused on building positive energy and being around good people. He said he could feel my commanding presence when he first saw me. Anyone who knows me knows I’m all about positive energy. We are continuing to build our relationship who knows  where it will takes us but I enjoyed learning about, playing with and being slightly afraid …(just a lil bit) of all the butterflies at the Butterfly Farm and being scared that dinosaurs would jump out as we descended into the Jurassic Park exhibit, he was sure to protect me, it was soo fun and sexy.


I traveled all over the world and had my fair share of sexy of men, delicious food  self -care and self-healing and I have documented all these things in my one woman show,  Phenomenal Everywhere. I’ve gotten rave reviews, standing ovations and sold out shows all over the world. if you don’t believe me, here is what the world is saying.



















































































































I would love for you to travel the world with me via  the show, Phenomenal Everywhere and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home.


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